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Hub Gear information

There has been a huge variety of different hub gears made in Britain most of which were made by Sturmey Archer in Nottingham, England . You will have access to information on 2-speed hubs, 3-speed hubs, 4-speed hubs, 5-speed hubs, 7 speed hubs, dynohubs, brake hubs and more.

Dynohub Information

The Dynohub was another famous product from the Sturmey Archer company.

Parts lists

Which parts fit which hubs, which parts are still available new now and which are unobtainable.

AW Sturmey Archer Hubs of different styles from three different periods

How old is my bike?

The most comprehensive guide to dating your Sturmey Archer hub

Many hub gears are simple to date, others are more difficult. The date information inside will help you to date your hub and your bike with more certainty. You will also learn how to tell the age of a bicycle from a photo or when you can't read any date information on a hub.


Exploded diagrams, catalogues, workshop manuals, etc


Strip down and rebuild demonstrations, workshop techniques and more.

This is a work in progress but some useful information is already available to members

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