Terms and Conditions for the use of the British Hub Gears Website

The British Hub Gears Website (BHG) is provided by Colwood Wheel Works, 85 Mill Road, Hailsham, Sussex, BN27 2HU England.

BHG contains information about Sturmey Archer hub gears some of which is provided free of charge and some of which requires payment to access. All content (both free and paid) is subject to change at any time without notice.

All of the content on the BHG Website, including but not limited to videos and downloads, is protected by copyright and is intended for the personal use of the applicant only

Access to the BHG Website is for personal use of the subscribed member only. Log in information must not be shared with others. This applies to both paid and unpaid access.

Any access sharing, content sharing or other copyright violation will result in removal of access without refund and legal action will be taken

Free Access

Unpaid access is provided as a privilege and not a right and can be withdrawn in part or in whole at any time from either an individual or from the whole membership without any requirement for Colwood Wheel Works (CWW) or it's representatives to give any explanation, neither will CWW or it's representatives accept liability of any kind.

It will be presumed that non-students who unsubscribe from BHG emails have no further interest and access will be terminated in due course.

Paid Membership

Paid membership allows access to the free content and to additional content which is inaccessible to free members. In paying for access users are entering into a contract with CWW for the agreed term of upgraded membership.
CWW will provide unrestricted access to such additional content for the agreed term after which access will cease unless the contract is renewed.

No specific piece of content is guaranteed to be available at any given time. Content may be changed or removed at the discretion of CWW without notice and CWW and it's representatives will not be required to offer a refund or accept any other liability.

None of the above alters or interferes with a member's statutory rights under British law.

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